Archives for April 2014

European Data Retention Directive Deemed Invalid

The European Union’s infamous Data Retention Directive has been deemed invalid after a long time of severe criticism from a number of member states and non-governmental organizations. The directive, which was passed by the European Union in 2006 and implemented by the member states shortly thereafter, has been under severe scrutiny since first suggested in […]

Review – Anki, the Best Way to Learn with Intelligent Flashcards

It’s been around for quite a while, making an impressive boom in especially the language learning community, but how great is it really? Today we’re looking into Anki, the intelligent flashcard software. The Digital Flashcard Flashcards are a very traditional and somewhat old school way of learning – you keep a card with a question […]

3D Printing Taking Further Steps – Here Comes the First 3D Printed House

If you’re a technology freak like I am, you just can’t have missed 3D printing. This new technology is expanding and evolving at an almost scary rate, from the first simplistic shapes just a couple of years ago to the latest being – get this – a 3D printed house. That’s right, Dutch architects are […]

Finding Relaxation in Everyday Life – Being in the Moment

In spite of common misconceptions, relaxation doesn’t have to be something that takes a lot of time every day – some people do indeed spend an hour every day doing morning yoga or spend several hours practicing slow eating or training at a gym, but it’s not like you have to. There are many people […]