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NEW YORK, November 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – Dear Cashmere Holding Company (OTC: DRCR) known as Swifty Global, is a technology company focused on creating breakthrough solutions in the financial and sports betting industries. The company has developed two disruptive mobile applications (apps) for sports betting tips and a digital wallet that encompasses artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency / Blockchain transactions. Patent applications have already been submitted and the mobile apps will launch after a successful public beta test and approval of Swifty Global’s impending first gaming license.

Swifty Global (Swifty) has been verbally informed that its first gaming license has been approved and the company can expect official documentation in the coming days, when the license will be officially announced and released.

In the meantime, Swifty today launched its public beta testing phase for pre-registered users. This testing phase incorporates a real-time, real-time scenario of real user testing and is an essential part of the fine-tuning process for the final launch. It is also essential for the approval of the UK gaming license, which is the second license the company expects to receive. Having a user experience that is both seamless and highly engaging is critical to Swifty’s success, and as a result, the company is focused on a thorough and successful beta testing phase. While not all user suggestions can be adopted, the company prides itself on listening to feedback for continuous improvement of existing and future versions of its applications. Swifty is uncompromising in its vision and strategy to be the world’s most widely used sports prediction app.

Swifty users who signed up for the beta testing phase received an email with a direct link to download the app and will soon receive a ‘dummy’ credit to start participating in live betting. This will allow users to test the functionality of the app and get a feel for the user experience. Users will also get a very important first look at the thousands of prediction opportunities available across a wide range of sports, which they can test for themselves. During the beta testing phase, Swifty will closely monitor several key aspects such as performance, response times, resiliency, and AI data analysis to improve the product for final launch.

Swifty plans to announce the approval of the first gaming license in the coming days, when the payment gateway and Swifty wallet will be integrated. This will be followed by the app uploading to the affected app stores before the official launch.

Swifty is implementing its plan to be an integrated green system, with Sports Predictions and Swifty Wallet as first products, which will be followed by NFT trading through the Swifty Wallet. There will also be a virtual debit card for users who will be logged into their Swifty wallets, allowing users to have simple, easy-to-use, and ‘ramp in and out’ built-in cryptocurrency.

Swifty Global CEO James Gibbons commented: “This beta testing phase is so important to Swifty and its shareholders because while we want to launch the app quickly, we plan to launch the best Sports Prediction product and portfolio. digital never developed. . As it stands, we are perfectly on track to deliver just that. The speed at which the team performs is second to none. I am very encouraged by the large number of registrations we received within a few hours for the beta test. We are definitely bringing a disruptive product to market at exactly the right time. “

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