Juicing Recipes For Health

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If you are new to juicing and are looking for the most nutritious and enzyme-rich juicing recipes for health, make sure you read this brief guide till the end because we will divulge why these recipes are important, how they work, what are the different types of ailments they can cure and you’ll also find some very useful tips about juicing for health.

The most affordable and fun way to improve and maintain your health is by drinking fresh and tasty juices. Fruits and vegetables are naturally packed with countless important nutrients which not only keep your body healthy, but also fight a variety of disorders. Luckily, you can find hundreds of juicing recipes for health on the internet, we have also dedicated an entire section to natural recipes with high healing power.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from the juicing recipes for health, you should invest a few bucks in a well-reputed recipe book instead of trying every other recipe that shows up in Google. And if you are buying a new juicer, it’ll probably come with a recipe book.

Five tips to get the most out of the juicing recipes for health

  1. Buy a juicer instead of a blender if you are primarily buying it to improve/maintain your health. And if you can afford, go for a masticating juicer as they offer higher yield, higher nutritional value and can juice a wider variety of produces including the most nutritive leafy greens.
  2. Go green. Some people call greens “super veggies”. It’s good to add a handful of greens to almost every recipe you try. Their advantages are countless but they are not very tasty and excessive consumption might upset your stomach.
  3. Juice whole fruits – whenever possible. Obviously you have to peel off some fruits (e.g. oranges) before juicing them, but other fruits like apples should be juiced without their skin or pith being removed. It’s also good to put some of the leftover pulp back into your juice as it will add fiber. You can also use the pulp in a variety of other dishes, just try not to throw it into your waste bin.
  4. Drink fresh – ideally drink it as soon as you turn your juicer off. If you must store, then freeze the produce instead of the juice.
  5. Go organic – doing so is tough, but it ensures there are no chemicals/pesticides in your juice.

Ingredients useful for common disorders

Anxiety: Celery is probably the best ingredient if you suffer from anxiety. You can mix it with several other ingredients including cucumber, apples, limes/lemons, and carrots to increase its impact.

Cancer: If you are fighting this life-threating disease, regularly drink the famous V8 recipe which is made of Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Parsley, Pepper, Spinach and Tomatoes. Grapefruit, strawberry and cruciferous vegetable (e.g. broccoli) juices are also considered very useful.

Fever: A simple recipe made of Peach, Pear and Pineapple can quickly relieve the burning sensation of fever. Adding ginger and lemon to most recipes also has a good effect.

Obesity: Apple, kale, tarragon, citruses, carrots, beetroots, pears, grapes, berries, and pomegranate are some ideal items that produce delicious juice for people trying to get rid of extra fat.

Note: we believe that juicing recipes for health can be highly effective in almost any scenario, but we recommend you to eat a balanced diet and in case you are suffering from a chronic disease, never replace the prescribed medicine with juices, instead use them as an additional supplement.

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