Juicing: What You Need To Consider

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nice-fruit-juice-ingredientsSo chances are you have heard about juicing and the incredible health benefits associated with it. We are at least going to assume that you have some idea about it and not dedicated a lot of time to the basic idea and approach. This article is more about equipping yourself and your toolbox for the juice adventure of a lifetime.

First morsel of advice: There is a lot of information available out there on the world wide web, free of charge. Read, read and read – then read some more. There is a lot to take in but in the end its not rocket science…

Juicing ingredients

It is important to get familiar with members of the fruit and vegetable families, what they give to you in way of nutrition, how they function together in recipes and so forth. You don’t like kale? Check if you can get the incredible health benefits accredited to kale with the aid of some other vegetable.

Start constructing drafts of ‘menus’ based on what you learn and add juicing recipes to these menus. Again, there is a wealth of resources out there but you can also just type something like “best juicing books” into google and get a list of books for inspiration. My two cents would be to invest in at least one good book, as there tends to be some good information presented in these.

Juicing machines – what do you need?

So you have some idea as to what you want to put in your body but what machine are you going to run it through first? You can break the types of juicers into 3 categories to start with:

  • Centrifugal
  • Masticating
  • Twin gear

The centrifugal machines are loud, affordable and don’t give the best yield. I would however recommend springing for one if you are trying out juicing for the first time. Why? Because if you wind up not sticking to it, you don’t have hundreds of dollars worth of machinery to add on top of the possible guilt trip…

Masticating juicers give much better yield and don’t heat as much, therefore retaining the nutrients much better in the resulting juice.

Twin gears are amazing machines, built for a lifetime and very versatile, juicing anything from roots to wheatgrass and pretty much all that lies inbetween. They’re also a considerable investment. Tell you what, try this site for both some recipes and some reviews, juicersandrecipes.com


So while we’re not going to fit all the details in this short post, surely this is a start and our advice would be to scan the rest of our site for further details as needed or just make use of a good search engine. Juicing is a bit of work to get into but it can also be a lot o fun and it is certainly exciting when you start seeing and feeling the benefits!

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