Bon Secours Mercy Health launches digital holding company Accrete Health Partners

Bon Secours Mercy Health launches digital holding company Accrete Health Partners

What you should know:

Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) today announced the launch of Accredit health partnersa digital holding company, which will operate to further expand the organization’s digital health services as well as new and ongoing programs and partnerships.

– The new digital wallet company will merge a continuum of industry-leading solutions and services to connect the technology, data and people needed to streamline healthcare and ultimately help improve outcomes.

Generating value in digital health

As today’s healthcare consumers demand better coordination between their healthcare touchpoints and provider systems seek greater cost efficiency to meet these demands, the growing suite of solutions and Accrete’s end-to-end digital technology services will drive value for those who want to improve their health care – and those who want access to it.

Led by Jason Szczuka, Chief Digital Officer of BSMH, Accrete will form an ever-growing coalition of system vendors, data and technology companies to bring to market best-in-class digital solutions and services across an array of influential focus areas.

– Information and technology services: Provides end-to-end healthcare IT services and solutions that enable exceptional service delivery while reducing downtime and cost inefficiencies, and protecting provider, patient and system data.

– Intelligence, data and analytics: Enables platforms and technology that provide greater access to the right information at the right time. Machine learning and AI contribute to care delivery, operational processes and business strategy.

– Digital experience and engagement: Develops innovative digital solutions, capabilities and platforms to meet the growing digital needs of consumers, healthcare systems, patients and providers.

– Innovation: Centers: a growing portfolio around strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions of leading digital health tools and teams that add value and unlock new capabilities among ecosystem participants.

“Accrete will pave the way for innovative digital solutions and services to maximize their impact on the industry,” said Jason Szczuka. “We are excited to partner with innovative provider systems and technology companies that are innovating across the continuum of care. The products we invest in and build together will add value to healthcare systems, patients and employers as stand-alone solutions, but are also interoperable and categorically aligned, unlocking even more value when used together. .


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