Boussard & Gavaudan Holding SA (EUR): changes to the board of directors


Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited
a closed-end investment company incorporated with limited liability
under the laws of Guernsey with registration number 45582
(the company”)

Legal entity identifier: 5493002XNM3W9D6DF327

Board changes

Andrew Howat today assumed the role of chairman of the company, replacing Andrew Henton who is retiring as a director after serving on the board for ten years. The transition is part of a planned succession program, with Andrew Howat providing an important element of the board’s continued continuity.

The board is pleased to announce the appointment of Julia Goh as non-executive director, replacing Andrew Howat as chairman of the audit committee. She will also be a member of the Management Engagement Committee. Ms. Goh is a Chartered Accountant and has 27 years’ experience in financial services in London. She was Managing Director of Barclays Investment Bank from 2010 to 2018 in various front office management positions, including from 2017 COO of Global Markets. She was Managing Director and Global Head of Prime Services Risk at Credit Suisse from 1998 to 2009. Prior to that, she was Risk Manager at Nomura International. She is currently a non-executive director of Schroder AsiaPacific Fund plc (FTSE 250 investment trust), Pension Insurance Corporation plc and a director of the charity Children of the Mekong.

Ms. Goh’s appointment follows an extensive search process conducted by a professional search firm.

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11 March 2022

For more information, please contact:

Boussard & Gavaudan Limited participations
Andrew Howat c/o JTC Fund Solutions (Guernsey) Limited
+44 1481 702 400

Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management LLP
Emmanuel Gavaudan
+44 203 751 540

winter deluge Securities Limited
Neil Langford
+44 203 100 0000

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