The short-term stake in Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSEAMERICAN:AMBO) declines 63.6%


Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSEAMERICAN:AMBO – Get Rating) saw a sharp decline in short-term interest in May. As of May 15, there was short interest totaling 1,200 shares, down 63.6% from the April 30 total of 3,300 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 221,000 shares, the short-term interest rate ratio is currently 0.0 day.

Shares of NYSEAMERICAN AMBO opened at $0.61 on Thursday. Ambow Education has a twelve month minimum of $0.41 and a twelve month maximum of $2.75.

A hedge fund recently bought a new stake in the shares of Ambow Education. Millennium Management LLC has acquired a new stake in Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSEAMERICAN:AMBO – Get Rating) in the second quarter, according to its latest filing with the SEC. The fund bought 12,400 shares of the company, valued at around $30,000. Millennium Management LLC owned approximately 0.05% of Ambow Education at the end of the last quarter. Hedge funds and other institutional investors own 1.34% of the company’s shares.

About Ambow Education (Get a rating)

Ambow Education Holding Ltd. provides a range of education and career enhancement services and products to students, recent graduates, corporate employees and management professionals in the People’s Republic of China. The Company operates through two segments, K-12 Schools and CP&CE Programs.

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