UFC boss Dana White offers possible reason why Floyd Mayweather withheld Logan Paul’s money in their exhibition fight


It looks like Floyd Mayweather may not have paid Logan Paul all his due for their exhibition fight – and UFC President Dana White has a theory as to why.

The fight, held last summer, reportedly made a million pay-per-views, but Paul didn’t pay out the way he expected.

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Paul says he’s still looking for money from Mayweather

White — who is regularly targeted by Logan’s younger brother, Jake, over fighters’ pay in the UFC — believes it’s because of the nature of exposure.

Appearing on the Full Send podcast, he hinted that Mayweather controls what gets paid, when and to whom.

“Well, here’s what happens when you come in and do these fights, you do these fights that are exhibitions or whatever, the [state athletic] the commission does not oversee it,” the 52-year-old American revealed.

“Let’s say I had a fight with Mike [Tyson]I have Mike fighting Francis [Ngannou] or something, the athletic commission gets the money upfront, so they pay the fighters, they don’t have to wait.

Athletic commissions have set rules on how fighters are paid from state to state, but exposure gives the ultimate power to those who promote the fight.

Dana White says shows aren't regulated, so compensation structure is different

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Dana White says shows aren’t regulated, so compensation structure is different

White continued, “That was the big problem in the past is that these boxing promoters were coming in and they weren’t going to make as much money as they thought they were going to, so they would stiffen up the fighters. and wouldn’t pay the guys and that’s why these regulations are in place in these different states.

“And that’s why – I don’t want to make fun of other states – but you want to fight like in Nevada or California, the guys that have a strong athletic commission,” the UFC chief said.

Mayweather is set to take on another YouTuber in ‘Money Kicks’ for his next exhibition and he’ll be doing it atop the helipad of a building in Dubai.

Money Kicks, real name Rashed Belhasa, got a call from Paul as news of his battle with Mayweather broke and was warned he was going through a tough time, and possibly a short payday.

Mayweather's next exhibition will be a unique event

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Mayweather’s next exhibition will be a unique event

He said: “I love you but you’re not going to beat Floyd – he’s good bro.

“So here are the options; you can say you fought Floyd Mayweather but you’re going to be “knocked out”.

“If you want to do it, you have to keep it low key, and I’m not going to lie, it would have to be in the first round.

Logan Paul hasn't fought since facing Mayweather, but he's still waiting for the full payday

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Logan Paul hasn’t fought since facing Mayweather, but he’s still waiting for the full payday

“What he did with that Japanese boxer, he’s probably trying to do with you.

“Here are a few things you need to know. You will do this strictly for exposure.

“He has a bit of trouble paying people, I’m always looking for money from him, which sucks.”


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